Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/2015 Marathon week is finally here!

I remember posting the message that I was selected in the NYC marathon lottery like it was yesterday.  I remember the excitement, the shock that I was selected, and thinking how it was going to feel like forever getting to November 1st.  Somehow, the day is nearly upon me.  It has gone by in a blur of mileage, lost miles due to softball injuries, fallen toenails (3-4 during this lead up, not sure), races, and a bunch of regular life stuff!

As I was running my 4 miler today, I was thinking a lot about the race ahead and even beyond it a bit.  Like a lot of runners that choose to race, I need to look ahead to the next challenge so I stay on the running course.  However, I did pull myself back.  I want to enjoy Sunday from step one to the .2 at the end.  

If you have ever seen it in person or on TV, you know how inspiring it can be.  The back stories of runners, the crowds, the bands, the finish in Central Park, so many amazing things.  I cannot wait to experience it and hopefully share it on here as well.  

This week's running schedule:

Monday- 4 mile run @ 8:30/mile pace
Tuesday- 4-5 mile tempo run, 8:00/mile pace
Wednesday- walking
Thursday- 3 mile jog
Friday- walking
Saturday- 2 mile jog
Sunday- NYC Marathon

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