Friday, October 23, 2015

10/23/2015 An easy jog and big decisions to make

Today is the quintessential Autumn day.  It's in the 60's, sunny, and a little breezy.  The leaves are in full effect with changing colors and are flying around as they fall in the wind.  It's a little crisp out running (for me anyway) in shorts and I can almost feel the impending weather that is coming in the next few months.  Anyway, I ran a comfortable pace 4 mile run today, around an 8-8:15/mile pace.  Quite honestly, that's all I felt like doing today.  Beyond wanting to stay fresh for the race, I am definitely looking forward to a week or two off from running.  

It is coming to the time where I normally take a break, but this one will be substantially smaller than normal.  I refuse to take the whole winter off again and start from ground zero in my training.  I am probably going to take 2-3 weeks off, that's it.  I can decide that later.  What is more important is the perplexing decisions that lay ahead for me.  

Next week, the marathon weekend, will also present three Mets World Series games.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, games 3, 4, and 5, if necessary, will be played at Citi Field.  Friday and Saturday nights, the 2 nights before the marathon, could possibly be late nights for me.  Do I stay up and watch?  Do I go to bed early?  Do I DVR?  I have some decisions to make.

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