Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10/19/2015 An afternoon 5 mile run, some life back in the legs

It's funny how sometimes the legs have more life and sometimes they don't  Friday, I was dead still and labored through 3 miles.  Yesterday afternoon, Monday, I felt good and banged out a 5 mile run comfortably at about 8:15/mile pace.  I ran without a watch, without looking at the time, and simply for comfort.  I thought about trying to figure out the details and what not, but I simply am estimating my pace by what it felt like.  I feel like it was 8:15/mile, give or take 5-10 seconds.

I am now under the 2 weeks out timeframe and since I am running to enjoy the experience, I am pretty settled.  As long as I get to Ridgewood before 6am, I get on the bus.  I will probably have 14 alarm clocks set.  The only thing that sucks, is that I think that is the daylight saving night, so I will be worked up about what time it is.  I do gain an hour though so that's good.

These last few days, 12, I will be getting in some runs of moderate distance, and a few light jogs, with a little quick running.  I am planning some mile repeats for later, at race pace.  Race pace for the marathon will be 8:20ish miles.  

I am now at the hydration and nutrition management stage.  I am consciously try to drink water and eat better.  My main goal is to lower the fat intake over these few days, and then, next week, to add a bunch of white carbs like pasta, bagels, pretzels, etc.  I need to build the carb stores in my body, but keep the fiber of whole grains and the fat out so my stomach can be normal.

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