Monday, October 19, 2015

10/17/2015 A great WEF 5K event, @WyckoffSchools @Wyckoff_WEF

Emma in pink, This will be the
the only time she beats me!
This past Saturday, October 17th, was the annual WEF 5k event here in town.  Basically, it's a foundation that parents in town set up to raise money to enhance the schools by going beyond the basic school budget.  Every year they do an awesome job supporting the district.  This year, the 5K had a great turnout.  There was great weather, lots of faculty and staff members in and around the run, walk, activities, and a great atmosphere.  

I had planned on jogging with my daughter and enjoying the run.  It was to be her first 5k.  However, after about 3 seconds of being there, my daughter wants to run by herself, my friends and wife are egging me on to run for time, and I find myself deciding to run, spur of the moment.  So, without my watch, in the wrong sneakers, and after eating less than nutritional food the previous night, I said what the heck and ran.  

Mile one, I hit the marker at 6:10.  A good click, but I was hating my shoes.  I have decided, I hate the Mizunos I have.  I know I gave them a decent early report, but I hate them, they are boxy and feel like bricks on my feet.  By the way Maura, I need new running sneakers. :)  I was conscious of 2 things.  I didn't want the second mile to slip from me and secondly, a 6th grade girl (one of my former students) in front of me gets faster every year!  Mile two, I hit the marker at 12:15.  Nice!  I was happy to see that I didn't lose time, but a little worried that I actually sped up.  Mile three was a little difficult.  I had to push through a little, as I have been doing a lot of miles, but not speed stuff. Being behind in training, something had to give, mileage or speed work.  Since I am running a marathon, I chose to keep up the mileage.

I finished in 19:37, 13th place overall, and second in my age group.  I am happy with that.  The better part was that I finished and then doubled back on the course and found my daughter and ran the last 1/2 mile with her.  I am proud of her and it was great to see her finish strong and happy to have done it.  She finished in around 30 minutes and more importantly, got to feel those cheers at the end of the race and had a big smile as you can see in the picture.  

I want to thank all those in charge of the event as well as its volunteers for another great year.  I have a feeling it was successful as a fundraiser, and as I was saying to the Superintendent, Mr. Kuder, it really is an important community event as well.  The ability of people from all over town to come, spend time with each other, laugh, exercise, and enjoy being outside is a positive experience.  Thank you Wyckoff Education Foundation!

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