Friday, October 16, 2015

10/16/2015 A tough 3 miles, still tired, tomorrow's WEF Run

It was only 3 miles, but I never felt good.  The miles at the beginning of the week really sapped me and I haven't recovered, physically or mentally.  Coupled with a lack of sleep due to the awesomeness of the NY Mets, I cut short what I wanted to be 5 miles, and finished up with about 25 minutes of running today.

Sometimes, you just don't feel good out there.  That being said, I am still glad to have run.  The mileage will go down next week and the week after, as I taper down to the race.  Sleep, carbs, and protein will become more and more important.  

Tomorrow, I have the annual WEF 5K here in Wyckoff.  It's a fundraising event for the education/schools here in Wyckoff.  I generally run, and my PR of 18:55 is on this course.  This year though, may be a special treat.  Emma, my 6th grader wants to run the 5K and we may run together.  If so, I will post some pics and maybe have her write up the race report afterwards.

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