Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10/13/2015 My 20 miler to hell and back

I'm not going to lie, that shit hurt!  I just finished up my 20 miler and wow, the last 5 miles sucked.  The mile splits are posted below.  Through 15 miles, I did great.  Then the stuff hit the fan.  I attribute this to being low on fuel to start and running out of nutrition.  Heading into the run, I really hadn't fueled or hydrated well enough.  I knew that heading in and I am ok with it.  I would prefer to train harder on myself than I plan to race.

On race day, I will be packed with carbs from a well planned out and executed final week of eating and drinking.  Consequently, if everything goes well, I will not encounter what I did today.  During miles 16 and 17, the calves started mild cramping.  During miles 18, the right hamstring started as well.  Finally, during mile 19.5 and through 20, my quads were seriously cramping.  I have to admit, I haven't experienced cramping like that before.  I have done the mountain run a couple times, the One Day marathon, and numerous hot weather races.  I have never cramped like this.  It sucked.

I just kept telling myself that I was going to finish 20 miles today and I would be super happy to have that accomplished.  I like where my run took me today.  I also decided that on race day, I will look to run with the 3:45 pace group.  I can handle a 3:30, or maybe even faster.  However, the 3:45 pace will let me cruise and really enjoy the sights and sounds I have heard about during the race and I don't want to miss any of it.  

For right now, I am going to rest up and get ready to watch the Mets clinch the NLDS tonight!  Here are my splits:

15:57- 0:09 (1%)7'54"/MI
23:49- 0:02 (0%)7'52"/MI
32:02+ 0:21 (-5%)8'13"/MI
39:58- 0:17 (3%)7'56"/MI
47:55+ 0:01 (-1%)7'57"/MI
55:43- 0:09 (1%)7'48"/MI
1:03:33+ 0:02 (-1%)7'50"/MI
1:11:24+ 0:01 (-1%)7'51"/MI
101:19:20+ 0:05 (-2%)7'56"/MI
111:27:24+ 0:08 (-2%)8'04"/MI
121:35:32+ 0:04 (-1%)8'08"/MI
131:43:37- 0:03 (0%)8'05"/MI
141:51:49+ 0:07 (-2%)8'12"/MI
152:00:00- 0:01 (0%)8'11"/MI
162:09:00+ 0:49 (-10%)9'00"/MI
172:18:10+ 0:10 (-2%)9'10"/MI
182:27:35+ 0:15 (-3%)9'25"/MI
192:37:17+ 0:17 (-4%)9'42"/MI
202:47:46+ 0:47 (-9%)10'29"/MI

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