Monday, October 12, 2015

10/12/2015 Back at it, a perfect fall run

Well, most people would not call my lead up training before the marathon exactly ideal.  I have been delayed by a broken rib, spotty because of life, and a little nutritionally exuberant.  However, all things aside, I am happy where I am at training wise.  I just finished up a 5-5.5 mile run and it is absolutely perfect outside.  It's sunny, warm not hot, and a great day to be out running.  

I have not run is about 9-10 days, but it felt good and 5 miles was a perfect amount before tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I have the ultimate run.  I will attempt 20 miles tomorrow on a little base of training and a lot of will power.  If I can survive tomorrow and make the 20 miles, I will be fine on November 1st.  If I die, I won't have to worry about it. 

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