Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to get in a routine, bang out some miles

With 2 months to the day until the NYC Marathon, I need to bang out some serious miles over the next 8 weeks.  That said, I started today with a 5 mile run and it went well.  It's about 90 degrees here and I can deal with that.  I look forward to running in the heat more that I do the cold (50 degrees is too cold for me).  The summer is great and I would not trade it for the world, but the lack of a serious schedule can really derail my running in a heartbeat.  It's the fall and school is starting, soccer, dance, gymnastics, etc. will all be making the weeks pass by at a lightning pace.  However, it is also easier to get my miles and workouts in because the schedule is set and I can dictate events and carve out time.  

I am looking forward to a great marathon and a fall and winter filled with running.  No breaks!  I am going to suck it up in the winter and pile on the layers.  Next spring and summer will be an improvement on an already great 2015 racing year.  

Tomorrow, I will stretch out the miles and start some accumulation.  Keep up the hot weather!

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