Tuesday, September 22, 2015

09/22/2015 Getting there, today's long run

Holy crap I'm tired!  I just banged out a 13 miler and it's the longest run I've done in months.  It hurts right now, but I couldn't be happier or more satisfied.  Here are a couple key points from my run today:

1. My longest run in awhile.
2. I averaged 7:56/mile, 15-20 seconds faster per mile than last week's 10 miler.
3. I hit my time/miles limit with no fuel/hydration.  no more long runs without snacks and drinks!
4. My hill work is coming back as well.
5. I'm beat.

I have two runs in this week, totaling 17.5 miles.  Tomorrow, maybe a 4-5 miler if I feel good, or a little speed on the bike to recover.  Thursday, not normally a run day, I am going to try to squeeze something in.  Friday, my normal 5-6 miles.  

I'm getting there.

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