Monday, September 21, 2015

09/21/2015 Today's workout and a first time in a long time

Today is absolutely perfect weather for a run.  It's about 75 degrees with sun and a nice, cool breeze.  The quintessential fall day, but without the fall foliage.  

Coming off the weekend, in anticipation of tomorrow's long run of 13 miles, I just wanted to get the legs moving in a nice pace and bang out a few miles.  As I started, I ran into a friend that I have been trying to coordinate times with for a run.  He and I set the watch and set off for a 40 minute run.  

I haven't run with anyone, except for in a race, in years.  I don't really remember the last time I did.  After a few minutes settling in, it was great to have someone to talk to and forget what I was doing.  We checked the clock like 2-3 times, and all of a sudden, we were done.  I could definitely see the benefits of training partners.  

It can eliminate boredom, add in some motivation, and generally bring in another frame of mind for decisions about training.  Hopefully, our schedules can coordinate and we can make it a semi-regular run.  

In advance to tomorrow's run, I am going to try and start to really get the hydration and nutrition rolling positively.  As I begin to go longer, it will prove to be very important to fuel and to recover correctly.

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