Friday, September 18, 2015

09/18/2015 Today's workout and a few words about soreness

First, today's workout went well.  Coming off yesterday's bodyweight workout, I wanted to stretch out an get the legs moving for about 6 miles.  I was able to finish 6 miles in a bit of heat in a decent time of 48:40.  This equates to a mile average of about 8:07/mile.  I have no complaints, but I was kind of hoping for under 8:00/mile.  Oh well, a goal for next time.

The reason I mentioned soreness in the title of today's post is that due to yesterday's workout, I am quite sore.  As I was running, I thought I would take the time to give you a quick word on soreness.

In short form, after hard or prolonged efforts, new workouts, or doing something after being a couch potato for awhile, you should expect a degree of soreness.  Also, it should be relative to the situation and should involve the right muscles.  Here are some basic things to look for:

1.  You should be sore in the right spots.  If your back is killing you from yesterday and the closest thing you did to back exercises is a set of lunges, something is wrong.  Watch youtube on how to do lunges.

2.  Sorenesss, for the most part, should be symmetrical.  Both quads should be sore from running sprints, both sides of your chest from doing a push up series, etc.  If your sorness is asymmetrical, you have a weakness, an injury, or you are favoring one side for some reason.

3.  Soreness is totally ok!  It means you worked some muscles and they got tired and are repairing themselves to get stronger.

4.  Walking, jogging, spin, and other low impact exercises are good for soreness.  Also, a little ice, especially on the day of the workout isn't the worst idea.

After today's run, a lot of my soreness has receded and I feel a lot looser.  The key is to move and a good walk on the day after a hard effort is a great idea.  Get out and do something this weekend!  Get sore!

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