Wednesday, September 9, 2015

09/09/15 Same old lesson once again during today's workout

Today was another example of me getting a dose of the same old lesson, for the 1000th time.  I headed out this morning with the idea of about a 7-8 mile run in roughly an hour, give or take.  It is Africa hot once again here and the temps are in the 90's.  I started of well, feeling strong and not affected by yesterday's run.  About 35-40 minutes into the run though, I got a big headache, stopped producing any moisture in my mouth and basically dried up completely.  I stopped 54 minutes into the run and somewhere around 6.5 miles.  After that much time in the heat without proper hydration before and during, I was done.  

There really is no excuse but laziness for my lack of hydration.  I know it's important, but slack off at it.  I simply have to get in a routine and stick to it.  For my body's sake, I have to commit to it and my training will either improve in the heat or continue to suffer from it.

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