Monday, August 24, 2015

08/24/2015 Taking advantage of time at the field

Tonight, my daughter Megan had soccer practice at the turf complex that was newly constructed.  It's a good chance for the other two to practice on their own and burn some energy dribbling, shooting, etc. on their own.  I also thought it would be a good chance for them to run a little to build some fitness since my daughter Emma is now ramping up soccer as well.  Connor just likes to run too.  
We did a few laps around the fields and I was able to run 2 miles with my daughter and it was nice.  She may do the town 5K with me in October.  Connor ran a couple laps, mixing in sprinting, choreographed falls, and gazelle like bounding.  I ran a couple extra laps after Emma stopped and ended up getting in a little more than 2.5 miles.  

The best part, besides running with the kids, was that after they were done at the 2 mile mark, my legs were fresh and I ran the last .6 or so nice and fast.  My legs felt great and the turf was nice to run on.  I'm sure all the other people there were like, "What's with this dude?"  However, I don't care. :)

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