Friday, July 10, 2015

07/10/2015 Injury report and rest

For those of you that read my blog, my apologies for being missing in action the last week or so.  The last run I had was an easy 4 miler on Monday, July 6th.  There was nothing special about the run and I was planning to write it up that night after my 2 softball games.

Monday night, my course of action for the next few weeks changed.  It started with me taking a serious header tripping over first base.  I was running out a ground ball and caught my toe on the corner of the base and fell, hard, on the right side of my chest.  Quite simply, it sucked.  I stayed in the game and 2 innings later, dove for (and caught), a line drive in the outfield.  Luckily, I landed on the same side as I did earlier.  That sucked even more.  I finished out the game and went home in pain.  

Tuesday, I spent the whole day at work in pain and decided to just go to the ER and see if I was poking a lung with a broken rib or just bruised it up.  After 4hours, the doctor said its bruised, go home and rest.  Consequently, on Wednesday, I was planning to play in my softball game since I was just bruised and didn't have and structural damage.  However, at about 4pm, the game was canceled because of rain and I was happy to hear I would get to rest a few more days.  Then, as I am eating an ice cream cone for dinner (it's summer, sue me), I get a call from the hospital.

"Hi, it's Dr. So and So, we always look back at the films from people that come into the ER.  It turns out you broke your 9th rib.  You need to rest.  If you need something for the pain, call your primary."  I have to say, I was a little happier knowing that I didn't waste 4 hours and $25 on just some bruising, I did actually hurt myself.

Now, I have to rest and take time off from running.  I am a little pissed because I have the marathon, but I have plenty of time to heal and build miles back up.  I do need to stop eating sour gummy worms though.  

I think tomorrow, I may hop on the stationary bike and see how much it hurts.  I would like to try to keep some level of fitness.  Also, my diet and hydration will need to rebound on my weeks off.  

Over the next couple of days/week, I want to take the time to post a couple non-workout articles.  I may do a product review or two, maybe an informational article on workouts, etc.  If you have any questions, or want something specific, feel free to email me or Facebook me and I will be happy to write it up.

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