Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today's rainy workout

I thought we were past this crappy weather.  It's like 50 degrees out, rainy, and gross.  I could only manage 5 miles in the cold rain, hoping tomorrow brightens up.

Coming off a Saturday free of running, I played my first old man softball game Sunday morning.  I felt my age on Monday.  The whole body was sore, cranky, and not happy with sprinting around trying to catch fly balls and throw the ball as hard as possible.  Consequently, I just took yesterday off from any activity.  Today, the run definitely loosened me up and I feel much better now.

This week, I will get in a couple more runs and one killer workout on Thursday.  The dreaded mile repeats will be happening and I am not taking it easy.  The plan is for 5 x 1 mile with short rest between and I'm doing it on a hilly mile loop. 

The pain will be great :)

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