Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Get out there! National Running Day!

Good morning everyone.  I want to take a minute and say, "Happy National Running Day."  This may refer to you and your life over the past weeks, months, years, decades, or whatever.  It also may start for you today.  If you haven't been a runner, you could always lace up and go out for a few minutes today.  Why not?

People always thing they have to be able to go out and run miles at a time right away.  I have heard so many people say to me, "God Bless you that you can run.  I'm just not a runner."  Personally, I think that's crap.  Sorry.  If you want to run, go out and run.  It doesn't have to be 3 or 5 miles right away.  It doesn't even have to be 1.  If you go out today and jog/walk for 15-20 minutes, guess what?  You are a runner.  Do it again tomorrow, etc.  

After a couple times, you may feel yourself improving.  After a couple weeks, you definitely will.  You might enjoy it, get hooked, find similar friends doing the same thing.  Hey, you might start looking stuff up on the internet, buying books, getting into!.  

The point is, all you have to do is start running.  You don't have to start with mile repeats :)

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