Monday, June 29, 2015

06/29/2015 Summer camp and the lunch running begins

Today was the first day of my summer camp, yeah!  During the summer, I get a good deal of my miles in during the day as I have a decent lunch hour, a good route home, and an awesome wife that will drive me back to camp after I shower.  I ran a quick 3.6-7ish miles home in about 26 minutes.  I tried to move faster as I went and started off just over 7:00/mile pace and ended well under 7:00/mile.  

I won't always run the route home fast, but some days it feels good to go fast.  Some days, if I have the time, I will maybe extend my route home up to 5 miles of so.  Over the next four months, it's all about the miles.

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