Monday, June 15, 2015

06/14/2015 Sunday cross training on the diamond

Yesterday, as a summer ritual, I had my normal Sunday morning cross training. Old man softball affords me a little competition and some fast running. I generally miss baseball a lot. I loved playing and all the elements to the game. The sights, sounds, smells, etc. I never got the same feeling coaching or spectating, it's just not the same. However, playing softball with a bunch of guys and throwing, hitting, running is as close as I can get.

In slow pitch softball, as a guy that's got a little speed, I'm in the outfield and get some sprints in here and there. I enjoy running fast and luckily, at least for now, I can still do it relatively well.

This year, the league decided to install some early season double headers. I'm not sure why, maybe to really pull a lot of hamstrings early and get it out of the way.  Consequently, I played 13 innings in left field and got a fair amount of action. It was a good time. 

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