Tuesday, June 9, 2015

06/09/15 Today's workout, cold tempo

Today I wanted to have a second strong workout in a row.  I decided on a cold tempo run (as in no warmup, just run).  I ran 5 miles at an overall pace of about 7:15/mile.  I don't think I invented anything special here by starting a tempo cold, but I like it because it is taxing on the body to run reasonably hard right away.  Also, I always seem to progress each mile faster and finish strong when I do these types of runs.  They are tough, but suffering in a workout makes suffering in a race bearable.  Here is how the miles went:

Mile 1- 7:45
Mile 2- 7:27
Mile 3- 7:18
Mile 4- 6:57
Mile 5- 6:56

Diehards, coaches, experts, they all might say this is less a tempo run and more a progression workout.  It lacks the set tempo and sustained time effort.  However, new thoughts on the tempo run are that it may be more effective to go on effort for your tempo run rather than your specific time.  For me, this workout kept the effort challenging but sustainable throughout, even though I warmed as I went and got more fluid, building speed.  

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