Monday, June 8, 2015

06/08/2015 A long run, stop thinking & whining, trust the training

Since last week's busted mile repeats workout, I have been a little nervous about where I am fitness wise.  I rarely have bad workouts, and that one sucked so bad, I really started to worry about it.  The race is less than 2 weeks away and I want it to go well.  Consequently, I started to get nervous after having to end a workout a mile in.

Today, I decided to get back at it and simply run a decent, long run and get in some good miles at a nice comfortable, but strong pace.  From the second I got out there, I was analyzing myself head to toe like a Universal Soldier (Van Damme at his best).  At about the 4 mile mark, I literally said to myself, "God, I feel like shit again."  I just didn't feel good, I had that stupid side cramp that keeps popping up, and I felt slow.  However, I just kept plugging along, telling myself to at least get in the miles.

It wasn't until about mile 6.5 or 7 that I realized how far I was in and that my pace was strong.  I was hitting about 7:45/mile pace, with a lot of hills on the run.  That was when it clicked.  I took a deep breath and realized, I was in my head too much.  Just shut up and run, I am fine.  I finished up a solid 8 mile run in about 1:01:55, hitting mile splits in around 7:45/mile.  

The training is there, I just need to chill, stop whining, and trust what I have put in on the road.

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Terence Flynn said...

I totally agree with you Brian. An old ww2 marine saying Is " take a salt tablet and keep moving"