Monday, June 29, 2015

03/28/2015 Sunday's workout and onto the next phase in training

After a solid week off from running, post triathlon, I now am entering the next phase of my training for the second part of the year.  Yesterday, Sunday, I got out for a strong, hard effort and felt great mentally and physically.  I ran my usual 6.1 mile route starting from home and really worked the second half of it, including some serious hills.  I finished up the run in about 47 minutes and felt good stretching out the legs and running strong on not only the downhills, but also the uphills.  

My fitness is in a great place.  I now have to move into the mileage phase, stretching out and adding miles each week to get ready for the marathon.  I have about 4 months and look forward to it.  I also plan on sprinkling in some races and speed work to supplement my training.  In September and October, I am definitely going to add some basic body weight exercises.  It has always been a weakness of my training, but I am committed to add it in the fall.  

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