Tuesday, May 26, 2015

06/26/2015 Ridgewood Run, race report, results, tidbits

Yesterday was the Memorial Day run in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  I have been talking about it for months.  I had set an original goal back in the fall of going sub 18:00.  However, between the horrible winter, a broken treadmill, and a race being added to the schedule, I simply wanted to run this race as well as possible.  

I came off of a 2 day soccer tournament beforehand and was not prepared nutritionally, hydration wise, or rested at all.  When I got to the line I did feel ready to go.  After having done this race for a few years now, I know that it's important to get right to the front if you hope to time well.  It is a zoo and roughly 1500-1700 runners are trying to start on a two lane road at the beginning.  I did my strong warm up that I started a couple races back thanks to Scott Jones at AthleteonFire.  Then I put myself right in front, behind only one person.  

We waited in the sun for about 5 minutes and I chatted with a couple high school runners hoping to break 16 minutes (I told them I was hoping to break 19 minutes and I'm old).  When the gun went off, I felt smooth, fluid, and surprisingly safe because of how far forward I started.  I know the course perfectly, so I knew where to position myself on the road.
When I could see the first mile marker, I knew I was in a bit of trouble for the latter part of the race.  I crossed one mile in exactly 5:50.  If I could have picked my perfect split, I would have wanted to go about 6:05, but what can you do.  I need to smooth out my pacing.  Mile 2 I hit the split at 12:00 exactly.  That means my second mile was about 6:10.  During mile three, I was met with the consequences of mile one.  I would say that about 2.25 miles into the race, I developed my first cramp in a race ever.  I never cramp, no matter the length, speed, intensity, etc.  

I think I cramped for 2 main reasons.  First, I did not eat or drink well for the 2-3 days prior to the race.  I just didn't have the time or schedule to do so.  Secondly, combined with the dehydration I entered with and lack of nutrition, the speed of mile one destroyed me long term.

I ended up the race in 19:11 over the race course.  The race results are still unofficial because of some glitches in the system apparently.  To the best of my knowledge however, I finished 44th overall, out of around 1500ish people.  I am also lucky enough to say that I seem to have won my age group as well.  First place in the Male 40-44 age category is a great feeling at a race this size.  

Overall, it was a great day as always.  The race is well run.  There is a great race community feel there.  The volunteers are awesome, everything.  Kudos to the NJ Masters as always.

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