Friday, May 29, 2015

05/29/2015 The end of a strong running week, today's long run

Today marks the end of my main running week.  It's 5 days in a row now starting with the Memorial Day race.  I finished the week today with a long run of 8.5 mile in 1:08:57, a pace of about 8:06/mile.  Notably, I started off mile one in about 9 minutes, as would be smart in a warm up.  I then brought the pace down considerably, ending with the final 2 miles in around 7 minute pace.  A great, fast finish to a strong run in heat.  

I am looking forward to taking tomorrow and Sunday off, except for a little softball.  It is now just 3 weeks out from the race and although I am feeling confident, I want to get some rest this weekend and bang out another serious week next week.  

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