Thursday, May 28, 2015

05/28/2015 My workout and on the day of a tempo run, a good article about....tempo runs

As planned, I ran a 5 mile tempo run today in some serious heat and humidity.  Totally depleted of nutrition and hydration, I pounded my way through 5 miles in the following time sequence.  I must admit, I am happy with the result and continue to try and train depleted and race well fed.  Here are the mile splits:

Mile 1- 7:21
Mile 2- 7:07
Mile 3- 7:06
Mile 4- 6:37
Mile 5- 6:37

The total time in the run was 34:52.  It was a 6:58/mile pace over the course of 5 miles. The funny thing was, I read a new article on Runner's World this morning about tempo runs and being concerned with effort rather than pacing.  I liked what I read, it made sense, and I went for it.  Read the article here.  The effort was there, especially based on weather, nutrition, and the last few days of running.

Tomorrow, I plan on stretching the legs out for a nice easy 6-7 miles.  Also, a little old man softball this weekend. :)

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