Wednesday, May 27, 2015

05/27/2015 Faster workout, better legs

Wednesday is the day I have the least amount of time for a workout.  I do like to get in as many runs a week as possible, so I do not take weekdays off as much any more (when I can).  Today, I wanted to get in a 5 miler, with some hills, in a decent clip.  The plan was to run better than a jog, but not what I would consider my tempo pace at this point.  

I accomplished my goal today as I ran 5 miles in about 37 minutes.  That works out to about 7:20/mile pace, with a decent amount of rolling hills.  I ran faster than yesterday, without a warmup, and look forward to a tempo run tomorrow of 5-6 miles at sub 7:00/mile pace.

I have about 3 1/2 weeks from the race and I want to get in a couple significant workouts before that.  Tomorrow's tempo run, next week's mile repeats, and some sort of a speed session the week after should put me in good position for June 20th.

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