Wednesday, May 27, 2015

05/26/2015 Tuesday's workout and dead legs

After the long, holiday weekend of soccer and racing, and a field day setup, I just wanted to get out and hit some miles knowing I would be tired.  Running on tired legs is a good way to build some strength and to teach your body to push through even if you're tired.  

I wasn't doing anything monumental, or pushing a long run.  I just wanted to get in about 5 miles and keep a respectable pace.  I ended up running for about 43 minutes so I was about a pace of 8:30/mile.

I read an interesting article on Competitor Magazine online which you can find here.  It is written by well known runner, coach, and author, Matt Fitzgerald.  It's all about increasing volume, speed, or both to increase running/racing success.  Check it out.

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