Friday, May 22, 2015

05/22/2015 touch up workout, no significant injury

It's been a few days.  This week has not been a normal one for me or my training, but it's only one week.  I have been super busy at work and since Sunday have been lucky enough to see two amazing dance recitals, a spring choral show, walk off win in 3/4 softball, and some other stuff I am forgetting.

Tuesday morning around 2am, I woke up with a calf muscle that was balled up in a know that wouldn't quit.  I get these once in awhile, but haven't in probably 8-10 months because I have been eating and drinking well.  Needless to say it was painful and intense.  I actually spent all day Wednesday in pain and thought I might have had an issue moving forward.  However, it is much better today and I gave it a shot with a run this morning.

I started my short workout with a nice, slow, 1.5 mile jog to make sure I was really warm.  I then did 4X400 meters with about 90 second rest periods between.  Each of the 400's, I ran in 82-90 seconds, basically 5:40/mile pace to 6:00/mile pace.  I can usually keep my pace more consistent, but I was a little rusty coming off 4 rest days in a row.  Sunday, although busy this weekend, I would really like to get in like a 3 miler to shake out the legs.  I haven't run much at all since last weekend and the weather looks good for the Fred D'Elia Run on Monday in Ridgewood.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone and remember what it is about.  Celebrate with friends and family, enjoy yourself, and get out and run!

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