Friday, May 15, 2015

05/15/2015 tempo run and some nutritional advice

For today's workout, I decided on a tempo run.  I did a slow, warmup mile  jog to start.  I then ran a 5 mile tempo run in about 36 minutes.  The first 4 miles of the tempo were 7:00/mile or under, but the last mile took about 8 minutes.  It was basically uphill the whole mile so it was a good workout.  Hills and speed are the focus moving forward the next few weeks.  

My nutritional findings this morning didn't help my run go any smoother.  My findings are that I need to eat more than 1:40 before running.  Usually my schedule allows for about 2-3 hours of time between eating and running, but this morning I didn't have that time.  Consequently, my stomach wasn't happy basically the whole time I was running.  I think I will be a little smarter with the food intake moving forward.

On a side note, today's run brings me up to almost 30 miles for the week.  I may try to squeeze in an easy 4 miler on Sunday morning, but I am happy with my mileage right now.

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