Thursday, May 14, 2015

05/14/2015 today's workout

It is about 70 degrees and sunny, with a little breeze.  It couldn't be a better day for a run.  I took yesterday off due to a busy schedule and I don't stress about Wednesday running.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are my focus for mileage and key workouts.  If I don't run on a Wednesday, I chalk it up to recovery time.  

Today, I felt good right from the get go.  I was smooth and yesterday was a beneficial rest.  I ran a usual hilly course, with considerable hills on the end miles.  I went 7.25 overall and averaged 7:45/mile over the run.  Total run time ended up at 56:08.  That works out to about 8 mph. 

Tomorrow, I will either do mile repeats or a tempo run for my speed work of the week.  I still haven't decided which one.

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