Tuesday, May 12, 2015

05/12/2015 easy day, recovery & canceled extras

Coming off yesterday's great workout, I had planned a simple 6 miler and some sprints/power skips at the end for some form work.  However, when I got the old, rickety body out there on my run, I noticed some achy joints.  My knees and my ankles both seem a little cranky.  I wouldn't characterize it as anything more than soreness from yesterday and some dehydration probably, but I am not taking any chances or overdoing it.  Consequently, I kept it simple with the run only, no add ons at the end.  

I ran 6 miles and kept the pace decent, but doable.  A 7:50/mile pace finished me up in about 47 minutes for 6 miles.  A couple lighter days ahead this week, and I will end with a tempo run or hill workout on Friday.

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