Monday, May 11, 2015

05/11/2015 combination workout and checking out the course

Today, I wanted to really get in a quality workout coming off of a full weekend free of running.  Two days of rest and I was ready to get in some mileage.  Also, I have been wanting to get a look at the course for the triathlon for weeks now so I decided today was the day.  

It is about a 2.3 mile jog to get to the start of the race.  I jogged there in about 16 minutes.  I then got on the course and proceeded to run the 5 mile route progressively faster each mile.  I started at about a 7:30/mile pace and did the last mile in about 7:00/mile pace.  

A couple of the main observations from the course are that it is full of turns.  There are a lot of turns and loops back and forth.  Also, besides the first 7 feet and the last seven feet, it is almost all uphill and downhill.  There is literally no flats.  It is a taxing course as some muscle groups get trashed on the climbs and some get trashed on the descents.  Consequently, this course is going to tear you up.  It isn't like the climbs are all super steep, but there is just so much hill work overall.  It's ok though, I seem to do ok on the hills.

After the race course, I then jogged the 2.3ish miles back and finished the 9.5 mile workout in roughly 73 minutes overall.  Basically, I combined a long run with a section in the middle as a tempo run on the race course.  

The rest of the week will consist of a couple easy runs and another tempo run, this time more traditionally done.  

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