Thursday, May 7, 2015

05/07/2015 pyramid of pain and fitness

Today, I put myself through the speed ringer.  I did a pyramid workout and stretched it out longer than I have in a long time.  I did the following intervals and in between, I jogged 400 meter rests.  Included next to the distance is the time I did each one in.  I was quite happy to finish up at the end with faster times than in the beginning as well.  In all, I ran about a 7.5 mile workout.

200 meters- 41 seconds
400 meters- 83 seconds
800 meters- 3:00
1 mile- 6:10
1 mile- 6:10
800 meters- 2:50
400 meters- 80 seconds
200 meters- 35 seconds

I contemplated not doing the second mile split in the middle.  I almost skipped it and started back down the pyramid, but I decided to not wuss out.  I have mantras and quotes and all this tough talk, but to get better, I told myself I had to take the pain.

Consequently, it hurt, but I did it and I got stronger today.

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