Tuesday, May 5, 2015

05/05/2015 my favorite number and a progressive workout

Today is a great day.  Another nice day, another workout, and my favorite number is all over the date.  Since I was in high school, on the baseball field, my favorite number has always been 5.  If you ask my kids, they should know.  When in school, and I ask the kids to pick a number between 1 and anything, the answer is always......5.  You would be surprised to know that even though I always tell them this, they still never guess 5.

Today, I ran a progressive run of 6 miles, totaling about 46 minutes.  By progressive, I mean that each mile I got a little bit quicker from the first mile right through the end.  It ended well, with a finishing mile around 7:15/mile pace.  Also, the entire run was done on hills so keeping the pace up was important to me especially since I suffered a little on the hills yesterday.  

I finished the workout with a half dozen sprints on the field at about 80-85% speed.  I would estimate they were about 75-80 meters in length.  It is great to open up the speed after a run.  It really helps teach you to be able to finish well and run fast on tired legs.  It can help with leg turnover as well.

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