Saturday, April 18, 2015

Product Performace Review: C9 socks by Champion

Last week, while at Target, I decided to buy some new everyday socks.  I have been wearing my Feetures socks pretty much all the time now because of comfort and a lot of my pairs were getting worn out.  Since they are like $7 or $8 a pair, I thought it might be a good idea to pick up some cheaper, still not cotton, socks for everyday use.  While I was getting some basics, I noticed that Target now carries C9 by Champion premium performance running socks in a 3 pack.  They were like $9.  

I grabbed a pack and decided to give them a try.  Black, only 3% cotton, why not.  When I put them on for the first time the other day, I noticed that they are marked for a left/right fit.  Also, they are nice and tight, as stated on the package, for arch support.  I do not know that I need arch support, but I like the snug fit.  Today, I finished up my second run in these socks and just ordered 3 more packs from Target online.  I love these socks.  They feel great, fit well, and seem well made.  Also, the ones I got in the store were only $3 a pair and they are on sale right now on the website so I got 9 pair for about $2.50 for each pair.  I am set for awhile and will not have to drop big bucks for my running socks anymore.

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