Wednesday, April 29, 2015

04/29/2015 Recovery run and a traumatic event while running

I was a little tired in the legs today after putting in the mile repeats yesterday.  I ran a 5 miler today at a pace of 7:45/mile.  I had to pound it out at the end there.  Tomorrow, after a little more rest, I am hoping to bang out a 5 mile tempo run at a pace of about 7:00/mile.  If I am feeling frosty, I would like to get it out to 6 miles at that pace.  We will see.

Today, during my run, one of the most traumatic events to ever occur while I was running took place.  I have had a gnat or a small bug fly in my mouth or my nose while running plenty of times.  Anybody that has run for any length of time has this happen once in awhile.  Today, however, I had a substantial bug fly in my mouth.  I didn't see it and I do not know what it was.  I doubt it was a bee because I didn't get stung.  However, it had density, it had a presence to it and I will be forever scarred.  I spit it out asap and continued to spit often over the next mile, but it wasn't fun.   

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