Tuesday, April 28, 2015

04/28/2015 Finally mile repeats

It took me long enough, but I got in a small set of mile repeats today.  I started with about a mile warmup jog, nice and easy.  Then I did three mile repeats in the following times:

1.  6:30 mile
2.  6:33 mile
3.  6:27 mile

Between each of the repeats I did a 2:15 cool down before going again.  The best part of these repeats was that I did them on the road with a significant up and down hill portion on each loop.  Mile repeats are often done on the track with 4 laps as a mile and a jog recovery, all on flat obviously.  Since I am doing road races and not track meets, I thought it made sense for me to do my repeats on the road.  Consequently, instead of going on the track and banging out 6:15-6:20 mile repeats, I am happier having done them a little slower, but with hills that I will encounter during races.

After I did the three repeats, I ran about another 2 miles as a cool down.  In total, my workout was about 6 miles in around 50 minutes.

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