Thursday, April 23, 2015

04/23/2015 bit of a change in weather, cold workout

Well, so much for warm weather.  I can barely type my hands are so cold.  I went out for my easy 5 miler in shorts and a t-shirt and was met with some cold and some wind.  I knew it would be cooler, but thought I would be ok running and I wasn't expecting the wind.

They always say (I don't know who they are,, but they are stupid I now know) that you should dress for a 20 degree difference when running.  This means, the thinking is that if it's 40 out, dress like it's 60.  If it's 50 degrees, dress like it's 70.  I now realize that since I am more of a warm weather guy, I need to change that down to like 10 degrees difference.  I was freezing from the start to the end.

I did still get my easy 5 miles in.  I ran at about 8:22/mile pace for the 5 miles.  I had planned on more of a pace around 8:30-8:40/mile, but the cold weather had me moving to get done.  I had to actually tell myself most of the time to stay slower, so I wouldn't just run fast to get done.

Tomorrow, in better clothing, mile repeats!  I am hoping to do 4-5 mile repeats after a warm up.  I will go between 2 and 2:30 rest periods between each.  I want to be at like 6:20ish per repeat, but I don't know what will happen as I am doing the repeats on the road, not track.  Also, I am including a little up and downhill so I can really tax my body.  

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