Tuesday, April 21, 2015

04/21/2015 today's workout, building strength to move forward

Yesterday's postponed run is now in the books for today.  A long 10 miler on constant up and down hills and I kept an average pace of 8:05/mile.  Mile one was 8:04/mile and mile ten was 7:37/mile pace.  I am happy where the fitness is.  My area of concern is still the speed.  I am going to move back my planned mile repeats to Friday.  I had planned on running them Thursday, but with moving back the long run a day, I didn't want to only have one day between my long run and my speedwork.  

The plan now will be an off day of running tomorrow, walking and maybe biking.  Then on Thursday I will get in a simple 5-6 mile run easy.  Friday will be the mile repeats.  Combining speed and hills and distance on a continuous schedule will reap the rewards I am looking for, provided I am resting correctly.

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