Monday, April 20, 2015

04/20/2015 change of schedule, do what you can, Boston Marathon today

Today was supposed to be an 8-10 miler stretching out the legs to start the week.  However, torrential rain and 49 degrees, not happening.  Consequently, I ran about a 6.5 miler inside in around an hour.  It was an easy pace, nothing major.  Tomorrow is supposed to be dry so I will hit the long distance then and still finish up the week with some speed and some more mileage.  As long as I get in miles, speed, distance, and some hills every week, I will be happy and ready to go come June 20th.

Today is the Boston Marathon, as well as Patriot's Day in Boston.  I dvr'd it so I can watch tonight.  I know, I'm a running nerd.  However, if any of you are nerds as well, I posted previews of the men's and women's race to highlight some of the top Americans.  Along with NYC, Boston is one of the top, most historical marathons in the world.

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