Saturday, April 18, 2015

04/18/2015 a summer day and spin

After spending the day outside in the sun and around 80 degree temps, I took my dehydrated body out to the garage and spun the bike for 45 minutes.  It wasn't the first thing I wanted to do when the dust settled, but I know that I have to get some recovery and cross training in once in awhile.  I hit the pedals with no resistance, as I always do, and kept up the pace to around 20-24 mph for the duration.  It goes quick usually because I bring a book.  The big downfall is though, I do not do it enough to ever get used to the F-ing saddle so my a%# always hurts by the time I am done.  Tomorrow, I hope to get in an easy 4 miler, and head into Monday's long run loose and fluid.  If I can't get out, I will spin again tomorrow night and will still be ready to go the next day.

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