Friday, April 17, 2015

04/17/2015 today's workout, fitness gains, & next week's plan

Today, as I stated in yesterday's post, I ran a basic 6 mile run to recover and get some mileage in.  Tow things today let me know that my fitness is improving and headed in the right direction.  First, from the get go, I wasn't really sore at all today from yesterday's 400 meter intervals.  I felt pretty good from the beginning.  Second, my autopilot pace when I am not really in shape tends to be anywhere from 8:35-8:45/mile pace.  When I hit a spot in my running where I am building fitness, that will drop obviously.  Today, my pace at a comfortable run, was about 8:15ish/mile.  Also, this is coming off a big week of running.  Today is my 5th day running out of 6.  I hit about 24.5 miles for the week already.  

Consequently, I am happy where I am this week.  Looking to the weekend, if I can get a simple 4 miler in, great.  If I cannot, that's fine, I can use the rest.  As I was running today, I laid out my hopeful plan for next week.

Monday-  8-10 mile long run
Tuesday-  5-6 mile, easy & sprints, bounders
Wednesday-  Recovery, walking/biking
Thursday-  Mile repeats (F)
Friday-  5-6 miles, easy

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