Thursday, April 16, 2015

04/16/2015 Progress: a strong, killer repeats workout

As I said yesterday, I fully intended a 400 meter workout today. That's what I just did.  I also said it would hurt a lot, and it did.  After my 1 mile warm up jog, I ran 10X400m, with a 60 second break in between each 400.  I ran each 400 at between 83 and 87 seconds.  If you break that out, that means my pace for all the repeats was roughly 5:32-5:48/mile.  I was hauling pretty good from the get go.  

This is also why it hurt so much at the end.  However, that's what I wanted and I could feel the burn from the lactic acid in my legs getting deeper as I went.  As you progress forward with little rest, you don't give your legs full time to recover.  A little recovery and a quick startup makes it a bit more difficult each time.  

Tomorrow, I will easy run for around 6 miles to loosen up the legs and recover.  This weekend will be busy, but I want to try and get in a little something, like a 4 miler.  We'll see.

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