Monday, April 13, 2015

04/13/2015 Great workout on a great day, enjoying Becoming Ultra

Today is a beautiful day, sunny, 60's temps, perfect day for a run.  I was able to stretch it out today a little longer than yesterday and I am really happy with my workout.  I ran just over 8.5 miles and finished up in about 1:10.  That equates to a pace around 8:10/mile and the route was hilly so I can't be happier with how it went.  The first mile was a little sluggish, but I think that was just cold legs.  Once I got going, the miles really ticked away.

Part of the reason it went so well, a newer podcast I am listening to called, Becoming Ultra.  In a nutshell, two top coaches/athletes in the Ultra Running community, Ian Sharman and Michele Yates, are coaching runners with very little distance running in their backgrounds, towards a first 50K ultra race in July.  It is very cool, informative, and I really enjoy it.  Check it out here at Becoming Ultra.

Looking ahead, my focus is all encompassing.  I am doing a full ramp up in the fitness area, increasing my rest (gotta go to bed before midnight), and eating better (goodbye sugar).  Tomorrow's workout will include a moderate run and some hill sprints.

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