Thursday, April 2, 2015

04/02/2015 PM Combo workout

What a beautiful day, sort of.  It is like 60 degrees outside and it is really sunny.  I was able to run in shorts and a long sleeve.  However, the wind is a little more than I would like, but I dealt with it.  It was nice to be outside for the second time this week running.  Although I can make gains on a treadmill, it always feels more productive running outdoors.  Getting somewhere is the key I suppose, rather than running in place for awhile.  

Today I ran a good 5 mile run at a pace of around 8:30/mile, with some rolling hills built in.  At the end of the workout, I added in 10 sprint strides at about 12-15 second clips.  I walked back to the beginning each time and sprinted right away.  Fast running on tired legs is not a new concept and I plan to use it a lot over the next couple months for an added benefit at the end of workouts.

Today is the last workday before the spring break for school.  I am hoping to get in a few runs, maybe get to the track, and keep rolling in my fitness.

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