Friday, March 27, 2015

03/27/2015 Quick workout and an impromptu race Sunday

Have I mentioned I have an awesome wife, Maura DePersis?

First, I was limited on time today, so I ran a quick paced 25 minute workout.  I would say I ran about 3 miles.  It was better than nothing.

Second, this morning, a friend at work mentioned a local 5K her daughter was doing this Sunday.  I am always up for something local.  Plus, add in the fact that there is no soccer on Sunday due to the horrible field condition and you have the Perfect Scenario.  An open morning and a race that should last about 20 minutes.  All I needed to seal the deal, an awesome wife!  Of course she agreed and I am headed to the Rover and Clover 5K in Hillsdale, NJ.

To clarify, Maura would never say no, but I obviously like to include her in these decisions.  Also, I don't just go do races and come home.  Maura and the kids have never missed a race of mine and I always have them cheering me on, I always look forward to it as one of my favorite parts.    Finally, the last race I did, the temp was about 12 degrees, so I wasn't sure if the scar was too fresh.

Apparently not :)   I will fill you in with a race report on Sunday.

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