Thursday, March 26, 2015

03/26/2015 Good and bad from tonight's workout

Almost me tonight!
The good news is that I got on the treadmill tonight and ran for the first time in about 8-9 days.  I just haven't felt good.  Although I still don't feel great, I am getting there and I felt good on the treadmill.  

However, the bad is that about 15 minutes into the run, the #@&#($*#^@&#$($)##&@ treadmill broke and I almost went flying.  I was running about 8:30/mile pace at an incline set at 3% and I did feel great besides a little cramp in the side from dinner.  All of a sudden, the incline dropped all the way down and I almost lost it.  I couldn't adjust the incline after that and it was not stabilized one bit.  Consequently, tonight's workout was a glorious 15 minutes.

If anyone is looking to get rid of a treadmill, let me know!

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