Monday, March 16, 2015

03/16/2015 Today's workout and this week's schedule

Today, as I was running, I planned out this week's schedule of running.  Today, I ran about an hour and a half, getting in about 10 miles at a comfortable pace.  If I had to guess, I would say it was a tiny bit over if anything, but not shorter.  For the days to come, workouts will be similar.  This week is all about mileage and getting to the next phase, a great base.

This will be the week in total:

Monday---10 miles at a comfort pace (1.5 hr)
Tuesday---10+ miles at slightly fast pace (1.5 hr)
Wednesday---45-60 minute walk in the am & either 1/2 hour stairs or jump rope 
Thursday---10 miles slightly faster pace (1.5 hr)
Friday---10 miles comfort pace
Saturday/Sunday off or short jog

The rest of March will be building a lot of miles and when April hits, speed work will come into play every week.  My goal has shifter from the Memorial Day Run to the Franklin Lakes Triathlon.  Although I will still run and look to push the envelope at the 5K, I am going to build more towards the 5 miles in the triathlon.

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