Wednesday, March 11, 2015

03/11/2015 Recovery and cross training

After two solid days of running, I decided today would be an off day even though the weather was beautiful out.  Instead, I recovered from the 20+ miles in the previous two days with a nice fast walk for about 45 minutes.  I always feel like I have accomplished something even from a simple walk.  I felt great after and was not bothered by taking a day off from running.

Tonight, I decided to do a little extra on the day off and get in some low impact cross training.  I used the step machine I got and went a little slower than the last time.  I varied the position of my foot a few times and got a decent leg workout in for 30 minutes.  I will say, in retrospect, I need to warm up a little bit before I hit the stepper.  The knee was a little sore for the first 2-3 minutes and I was contemplating stopping if it didn't get better.  However, I am happy to say the pain subsided and I was good for the final 27 minutes and after.  

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