Monday, March 9, 2015

03/09/2015 A great new documentary in progress with @athleteonfire @ruggedrunning13 @sharmanian #becomingultra

As anyone that reads my stuff knows, I really like to promote the work of Scott Jones, and his website, AthleteonFire.  Scott works his butt off creating great athlete/adventure content in order to bridge the gap between elite athletes and everyday athletes like you and I.  I listen to almost all of his stuff.  Even if you are new to running/working out, (especially if you are new to running and/or fitness/adventure) you should check out the site.

Anyway, Scott just partnered up with an amazing video guy, Matt Trappe, as well as 2013 Ultrarunners of the year Ian Sharman and Michele Yates.  I won't blow the whole premise, but basically, Ian and Michelle are looking to train newbies on their quest to complete their first ultramarathon.  Scott dreamed up this idea and will organize, construct, and tell the story.  Matt will record, modify, and produce the entirety of the quest, from start to finish, and produce a documentary of the project.

You can listen to the first two podcasts here:

Becoming Ultra pt. 1

Becoming Ultra pt. 2

Scott is going to have a variety of shows come up on a weekly basis, with google hangouts used, mini shows with individual coaches, or technical stuff with Matt on the logistics/layout.  It sounds awesome and I love the fact that I feel like I am getting some great stuff from Scott, Ian, and Michele.

Thanks and keep it coming!

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