Monday, March 9, 2015

03/09/2015 Afternoon workout, increased time on feet

Today's workout went great.  I hit the two hour run mark for the first time in awhile and I felt strong, finishing the last 15-20 minutes considerably faster than my pace throughout.  I ran somewhere between 13.5 and 14 miles in total.  Tomorrow will be a key recovery jog as I haven't run this kind of distance, or time on my feet in a few months.  The training is ramping up now with an outside run in the near future.  

There is something to be said for muscle memory though.  I think simply that I have run distances like this in the past, it is not such a shock when I do it again.  I think it has a lot to do with how higher level runners can compete so much and for so long.  The body just requires less training once you educate it on what you expect during races.  That said, there is nothing like a good, hard workout to make yourself better.

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